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"Two hundred lines of crap
masquerading as cogent discourse..."

Current Schtuff

Points of Departure. The inevitable outdated, barely interesting list of hotlinks.


The Digital Tackboard Bits of text - things that I find amusing, edifying, outrageous or insightful. (There isn't much here at the moment. Bear with me.)

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The Last Deadloss Visions. Translated into scintillating HTML by yours truly. (Actually, this sort of belies the "content-free" warning on my homepage, since it's useful information available nowhere else that I know of on the Web, but I think we'll all survive.)

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Some random personal information. Updated 21 Aug 96 to reflect reality.

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My Minions Are Everywhere!

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SweatGear! -- My latest exercise in commie-symp propaganda.

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My Public PGP (2.6) Key. Self-explanatory.

 And when love is gone there's always justice.
     And when justice is gone, there's always force.
   And when force is gone, there's always mom.
     (Hi, Mom!)             - Laurie Anderson

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